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Are you looking for a life partner for your relative or friend? Do you want to be sure of who you are planning to spend your life with? We at Shaadi Verify can carry out complete back-ground checks to verify all vital details of the prospective bride or groom. We do this with 100% confidentiality and provide you with a detailed report in the quickest time.

“If I can spend lakhs on my daughter’s wedding, can’t I spend one percent of that to ensure that the prospective groom is not a con-man? Online and newspaper matrimonial alliances aren’t always safe. It is prudent to be careful about choosing a life partner for your child. I’ll never forgive myself if I endanger the future of my child”

You need to Know:

Marry with Confidence

Marriage has a definite fundamental structure, determined by its purpose; and part of that structure is that it requires a lifelong commitment. In marriage, each spouse is internally modified by the other. Each spouse’s life becomes an intrinsic part of the other’s.

Choosing the right person is vital to your happiness. We understand this. And we do everything possible to ensure that all information possibly available is given to you. Then the decision is yours.

“Marriage is a commitment for life. It is a permanent,
lifelong relationship.” - Dada Vaswani

Complete Background Check

All your worries about the potential partner will be addressed with our detailed and thorough background checks. Our private fact-finders will complete a full background check on the potential spouse. They will check out every detail – information given and not given to you.

All this will be done by us with the highest sensitivity and confidentiality. Our services are absolutely discreet and your trust will always be maintained.

Detailed Reporting

Our reporting structure is more than just a bio-data that you receive. All the details that you provide will be verified by us, while we will also carry out a host of other checks. It will be a detailed encapsulation of the life of the prospective partner. We take great care in mentioning every important detail that can be useful in judging a person. At the end of the report we will provide an expert’s judgement and recommendation on the person.

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