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Our services include the following

  • Uncovering something which is objectionable
  • Marital Status (Past Marriages, Children, if applicable)
  • Observation of physical attributes like complexion, height, body shape
  • Criminal record (if any)
  • Comment on Smoking Habit observed
  • Comment on Excessive Drinking Habit observed
  • Reputation among neighbours and colleagues
  • Estimate of income
  • Current Employment
  • Industry Prospects
  • Education Qualifications
  • Subjective Comment on Body Language
  • Relationship with a significant other (if any) observed
  • Religious practices (if possible) observed
  • How leisure time is spent
  • Comment on Standard of living and lifestyle
  • Grade of residence A-Opulent, B-Upper Class, C-Middle Class, D-Lower Middle Class
  • Active on Social Media?
  • Past Employment
  • Property & Vehicles owned
  • Date of Birth

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